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In the beginning God created the heavens and...

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bible timeline

Genesis 1:1 It begins
Praise be to God!

God creates the world in seven divine days.

Genesis 2:23 Adam + Eve
We come into existence

God creates the first human, Adam, and grants him dominion over his creation. Eve is created from Adam's rib.

Genesis 3:8 Fall of Man
The first sin

Eve is tempted by the serpent and, with Adam, eats from the tree of knowledge.

Genesis 6:11 Great flood
Noah builds an arc

The world is full of wickedness and hybrids of heavenly and earthly bodies so God wipes the slate clean.

Genesis 11:1 Babel
Building a passage to heaven

Earthly nations are created when God confuses the language of people.

Genesis 15:1 Covenant
Abraham's call

Abraham receives a message from God and begins Judeao-Christrianity.

Genesis 37:2 Enter Egypt
Coat of many colors

Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers and ends up bringing the Israelites into Egypt.

Exodus 12:1 Exit Egypt
Moses revolts

Moses, with the help of God, leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

Exodus 20:1 The Law
The 10 Commandments

God passes the law the Israelites.

Joshua 1:1 Canaan
Breaking ground

Over the course of many years through many battles, the conquest of Canaan is completed.

1 Samuel 8:1 Prosperity
A united kingdom

The kingdom is united under Saul.

1 Kings 12:1 Civil War
A divided kingdom

A war ensues between two factions when David is chosen as king.

2 Kings 2:1 To Exile
By the rivers of Babylon

The Israelites are conquered by the Babylonians and taken into captivity

Ezra 1:1 From Exile
Return from exile

The Israelites are released from captivity and go back home to rebuild Jerusalem.

Matthew 1:1 Jesus
Ministry of Jesus

Many years later, Jesus is born and begins His ministry on earth.

Matthew 27:1 Crucifixion
The lamb of God

Jesus' mission on earth is complete when he dies as a sacrifice for our sins.

Matthew 28:1 Commision
The great commission

Jesus is ressurected and commissions his disciples to follow in his footsteps, spreading the word of God to all that will accept it.

Acts 8:1 Christianity
The spread of the Gospel

The apostles spread Christianity to Rome and all surrounding areas.

Romans 1:1 Epistles
Lots of letters

Various individuals write letters to various followers of early Christianity, giving them instruction on how to live

Revelation 1:1 The End
A vision of the end

A follower of Christrianity identified as John imparts his vision on how the world will end.

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